About the project

International marketplace Keramissimo - a multifunctional service that allows you to choose and purchase building materials from ceramics, porcelain stoneware, mosaic and stone. The portal provides information support in the form of a huge database:

  • About manufacturing plants around the world;
  • About official dealers dealing in the sale of building stone, ceramic granite and mosaic;
  • About prices, supplies and terms of sale of products.

As a trading platform, the portal Keramissimo allows customers to directly communicate with companies in their region, and anywhere in the world.

A huge assortment of building and finishing materials, ceramics in particular, makes it possible to find in the shortest possible time those products that will suit at a cost and will require minimum delivery costs. In addition, customers will be comfortable to make complex transactions with the purchase of several types of finishing and building materials.

                This service is opened on the basis of the brand "Keramissimo", which has the right of exclusive distribution of ceramic products of famous world brands (natural stone from Iran, China, India and other countries). Employees of the company have many years of experience in selling finishing materials and can at any time give qualified advice on the topic of interest.