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All companies represented on the Keramissimo portal are subject to a special selection. The service administration carefully checks all vendors, manufacturers or wholesalers involved in transactions. For this, open sources on the Internet, websites and forums providing feedback on the work of companies, direct feedback from customers and customers of Keramissimo are used.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of unscrupulous businessmen and one-day companies on the building materials market. However, trusted firms on our portal value their reputation, have many years of sales experience and positive feedback - all this reduces the risk to a minimum.

The black list of Keramissimo is an effective tool for controlling business ethics among the partners involved in the transaction.

Plitka.CC или ООО "Плитка" -мошенники!

Plitka.CC или ООО "Плитка" -мошенники!

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